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As a professional sales person I feel compelled to share my thoughts...

As a "Best Practice" and with all the resources out there - you as a company should be soliciting with call lists that refer to people in need of your service and not just randomly calling everyone.

I personally do not owe taxes and do not have a need for your business. Therefore, receiving numerous calls to me is annoying to say the least and would discourage me from referring your company.

Please be pro-active and re-think your calling efforts, I am sure you'll get a better result.

Also, you should provide the person who calls you back and receives an automated message the option to have them taken off the call list. I believe you are required to do so; thank you...

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My name is Adrineh Telime and I am the Manager in the Client Services Department, here at US Tax Shield. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you.

Please note that US Tax Shield only contacts individuals who have requested our help with their tax liabilities. That’s not to say that accidents don’t happen. An individual in a household could have accidentally dialed us and we were returning the call. I can promptly remove you from our call list.

Please provide me with your phone number or name in order for me to do so. You may contact me directly at (877) 829-3535 ext.

390 or send me an email at Thank you for your time.

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