My name is Tony and I hired Tax Care Professionals and Celine Abcar and Tax Care Professionals. The company dissappeared and took mine and many other peoples money.

They scammed me out of $7,000.00. A few of us people that were scammed by them promised eachother that we would track down Celine Abcar and Steve Marsh to hold them responsible. I have been looking for the last year. I have finally found Celine.

I read the BBB report for US TAX Shield in Encino and they list Celine her as the owner. We are going to be putting a class action lawsuit together to try to get our money back from they fraudsters. In the meantime, be careful of this company.

If they have anything to do with Celine her track record would make me stay away. US Tax Shield is the new name of Tax Care Professionals

Product or Service Mentioned: Us Tax Shield Tax Resolution.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Location: Encino, California

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I want to get in on the class action law suit tax care pros scammed me out of 5000.00 and did nothing!!!


Sign me up for the Class Action.


At US tax shield, we guarantee 100% refund, just ask for celine abcar.


Pointless website

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